Finally, A Dedicated Sports Space

sports nettingI love that we’ve finally installed the sporting room. I love being a part of the club, but that’s one thing that was really grating on me. The gym is kinda out of the way, so when I’m coming back from work I have to do this massive triangle. Takes up so much of my day that I was considering just splurging on one of those massive multi-gyms. Now I don’t have to!

I’m surprised they managed to fit so much stuff in there, considering it’s not a massive space. They’ve cordoned off the gym section from the multi-court, and now we have brand new sports netting to cope with almost anything. Though there ARE cricket nets. Absolutely no idea how we’re going to use those, because there’s only so much space and definitely not enough to play cricket. Maybe cricket nets are just surprisingly better than squash nets when it comes to playing squash?

Speaking of which, I think we need to institute a firm no-cat policy for the room. I know that may sound like a total travesty to certain people- Irene­- but just because we’re a club of cat lovers doesn’t mean that we should be silly about it. What if something happens? Someone might drop a weight on one of the cats, or hit a stray tennis ball into one of their adorable feline faces. Oh, and if there’s one thing I know from my own little Bexley, it’s that cats love to claw at hanging things. We’ll be ordering new indoor cricket netting by the truckload if the entire building’s worth of cats get their claws into that material. Just leaving the sports supply cupboard ajar would be disastrous for everyone.

Irene isn’t going to like it, but we need some serious boundaries, for the safety of the cats and the well-being of the sports supply. I’ve waited WAY too long for a space in this very building to play squash for it to be almost instantly be shut down.