Cats, Cats on the Glass!!

glazier MelbourneIt’s nice that we’ve got scratch-proof glass now, because that was really becoming a scourge on the good name and image of the Club. Still, I have a list of things that need doing around this place as long as my elbow…or however that goes. It’s not really good enough that the doors are still not printed with little cat paws, even though I’ve requested it about six times in the suggestion box. I don’t even think anyone has even brought it up at any of the meetings!

People just don’t know what constitutes the important stuff, you know? Like, they just put in the gym and now we have a part-time GP working in the building, but the stairs are still just a dull sort of…well, whatever you call that material that’s all smooth and looks like it belongs on the floor of a public toilet. We NEED elegant glass balustrades in here, and we need them pronto. I’d even put that higher up on the list than cat paw prints on the door, even if it’s still a couple of rungs down from a gigantic neon sign outside that simulates a cat licking its paw, along with the name of the club. If they think they’re getting away without discussing that marvelous idea, then they have another think coming.

But seriously, balustrading. It’s the silver bullet for instant class, and then once all the balustrades are glassy and classy, we can add cat paw prints to them as well, creating an air of both class AND charm. See, I took a week-long interior design course a few years ago, so I know what I’m talking about. And it was on the very first day that they said that glass is a pathway to a chic atmosphere in any building.

Actually, it was the second day…I missed the first one because I messed up the dates. And I was really tired so I don’t remember the rest. But I’ll find a well-rated glazier in Melbourne, and we’ll sort this out. And then they’ll see that all my ideas are good ones!