Does it All Have to be Cats?

crushed rock CranbourneWhen I signed up for this place, it was just going to be about cats. We were all living here, everyone loved cats, the cats loved us, and that was it. I knew there were going to be amenities added, and that’s fine, even if I probably won’t use any of them. I’m not a gym person (exercising in public is weird) and I already have a doctor, so I’m not in need there either. I think she’s mostly just there for the elderly people who can’t go far anyway.

If we had a vet that’d be great, but as of yet I don’t think we’re making any progress there. As it stands, we’re adding more and more stuff, making huge improvements to the gardens, replacing the stairs, and now we’re apparently getting a gigantic sign that says our club name. And we spent the entirety of the meeting on Thursday talking about how we need to use part of the budget to buy garden supplies from Cranbourne, so that we have a store in case anyone ever wants to use them. See, this is why I don’t go to these meetings often. They’re always just blabbing about stuff they want to do to make this more of a tourist attraction, and I’m thinking…why? I just want to live here with my friends and my cats, not be gawked at by the general public, like we’re living in the world’s biggest freak show.

If they want to lay down a lovely aggregate driveway, then it’s not that I have a problem with that. It doesn’t bother me either way, to be honest, but I’ve no qualms about improving this place. But everyone keeps suggesting all this stuff with the expectation that we’re going to be a big thing. We can’t just scatter some crushed rock and call it a day; there has to be a perfectly-landscaped cat shape, for the people coming to visit. Everyone’s going on some expedition to Cranbourne, crushed rock is going to make the garden look very modern stylish. I’m thinking we need to gather a meeting of the…casual. See if we can’t interject with some sense. We do not need cat-specific landscaping. The news stations will never leave us alone…