Automotive Know-How Would be Nice

MechanicIt can be said that we’re short on ¬†mechanics. I suppose that’s not so bad, because we’re also pretty short on cars. The Club only has a limited amount of parking spaces, and all of them are currently occupied by people who are paying for the privilege. There’s a little bit of on-street parking, but that’s at the very end of a long driveway, so not ideal if you’re lugging shopping all that way, and then up a few flights of stairs because the elevator is out…AGAIN.

Not complaining, but a handy-man might be nice. Or possibly a handy-lady; I wouldn’t be fussy. Currently, we have to rely on the scattered expertise of the Club’s residents whenever something goes wrong- lights, lifts, mildew- and it doesn’t quite cover it. Mrs Granger had troubles with her car the other day, and we had to go all the way out for the help of local automotive mechanics for¬†car servicing in Bentleigh. Nobody had the expertise to just get a few jump cables and start the old dear’s vehicle, which is all it took in the end. Well, nobody who was available at the time, anyway. I like to think that we all come together here and pool our resources and knowledge, but for some people, it’s more give than take.

I know car and automotive matters don’t have much to do with cats, but it would be nice to have someone with a little bit of expertise. Maybe that’s why we don’t have anyone right now; everyone is too focused on the cats to know anything about jump-starting a car.

Maybe we can ask one of the nice auto mechanics open in Bentleigh if they’d like to come and live with us! Or even better, an all-round handyman who’s feeling lonely, out of work and needs a community. As if THAT would happen.