Could We Make Things More…Communal?

custom designer kitchenThere’s nothing worse than being alone. Well, maybe…no, actually, all of the things I’m thinking of are offshoots of being by yourself, thus proving that it’s bad for your health. Being sick…alone. Going out to dinner…alone. Going on a long journey…alone.

Ugh. No thank you. That’s why I came to live here in the first place, although I have to say I’m a LITTLE bit disappointed. You see…I thought it would be a bit more communal. There are plenty of activities, group meeting spaces, all of that…but still, everyone just goes off to their own apartments at the end of the day, and sometimes there’s no one to talk to. I had images of there being a lovely big kitchen- a real beauty, like one of those industrial kitchen designs you see on TV, except with a bit more of a homely charm- and we’d all gather, talk about our cats and have a wonderful time baking cookies. Maybe the cookies would be shaped like cats, but in any case, we’d be having such a good time in such a lovely, custom-designed kitchen that you could freeze the image and use it as a stock photo. People would pay about $1.99 for it, and it would be entitled ‘People Baking and Having Fun in Clean Kitchen’. Yes…it’d be perfect.

But where am I going to find a community of cat lovers with a gym, communal kitchen and a well-organised rota of activities that ALSO spends a lot of time together? I suppose I could gather a small group of like-minded folks and we could stage a non-violent coup.Or possibly break off, find a big house and make that our new home. And the custom designer kitchens will truly be worthy of being a stock-photo. But I don’t know if people would go for that…and besides, I don’t think I have the moxy to start a rebellion. I could JOIN a rebellion in progress, though…