Let’s Refill That Life Energy

keynote speakerIt’s not that the novelty has worn off at the Club…I like to think we came together for more than novelty. The cat-lovers here were united by a common love of a certain thing (cats) and are kept together by passion. Nobody has yet come to the ruling council and said they want to get off the ride because they’re getting bored with all the kitty-themed stuff.

But still, I think we’ve lost our purpose ever so slightly. We really should’ve been clearer about the events happening, the breakfasts that aren’t mandatory but are really quite lovely…but anyway, I’d like to really pep everyone up. So why not have our own little conference, right here in the Club! We could have all kinds of topics, sell it as a sort of general cat-lover top up, but I’m thinking we also need a professional conference speaker in the mix. It’s not that I’m trying to trick people into pepping up and being active; this is something that everyone all stages of life needs every now and then. A bit of a refill of…life energy.

I know it works a treat, because I used to work at a catering company that nearly went under. Not sure if was the chicken or the egg in this situation- the company failing, or everyone’s spirits dropping and affecting their work- but we were in dire straits. As a last ditch effort, the manager called in a keynote speaker, gave us the day off and called us together to spend a day evaluating what this job really meant to us. I can honestly say I hated my co-workers a little bit less after that, to the point where I could stand to work with them a couple more years. And let me tell you, I had a burning hatred for Carla after she continually took the salmon and brie cracker trays and became the life of the party, the spurious little…

Yep, so that! I’ll look up whatever keynote speaker in Melbourne who I think will be great. Oh, but an entire conference; there’s so much to organise.