Hoover that Hair

I like cats as much as the next person- and the next person along from me is number 56, Jamelia Spencer, a lady who loves cats so much she knits us all tea cosies from the shedding of her own, Moxy- but I still think there needs to be something done about the hair issue. There just isn’t enough of a robust cleaning system in here as there should be. We need corporate cleaning, people who come in on time when you pay them. This weak little cleaning roster that no one actually sticks to is terrible and useless.

I’ve worked in quite a few medical offices, and if any of them didn’t have corporate cleaners…wow, there would be reckoning. Even for the places that weren’t hospitals. If people are dragging around corns and callouses in a place that does podiatry, you want that places to be scrubbed clean to the point where it sparkles. This is podiatry we’re talking about: you need to wash the floor properly.

We need to wash the floor properly here as well, though it’d be more about vacuuming up all the loose hairs than scrubbing the place. Then again…given all the common foot conditions that exist, and how many elderly people live here, AND how free people feel to just walk around the halls in their bare feet, I do think we need to treat this more like a podiatrist office. Watch what you’re walking upon, and pay extra care to the carpets. Anything could be hiding down there.

If foot specialists near Cheltenham have their floors scoured every single day, then we need to be vigilant about the space in which we live. Actually, all factors considered, my skin crawls a little just thinking about it. I need to institute a slipper policy. And maybe warn people on the side that, even though a lot of thought and care went into their creation, those tea cosies just aren’t sanitary.