Cooling for All

Seeing how everyone here runs around like headless chickens whenever the temperature gets above 22, I’m thinking we need to do something about it. I know, I know…some people here are elderly, and they need to be cool. Some people here are not elderly but wimps, and they also need to be cool. Me? I’m from the land up north, and the air conditioning services in Brisbane are legendary. Not that we can’t survive without them…you still have to go outside, and we definitely do. Spend the whole day on the beach, in fact. But when we do air con, we have an air con party in comparison to Melbourne.

None of this evaporative business. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as a cheaper alternative, but to me personally, air con isn’t really air con if you don’t walk into a place and feel like you’ve just been flash frozen for a few moments. That blessed wall of frigid goodness…that is the start of a decent bit of air conditioning.

It’d be nice if we had that here. Wonder if it’s in the budget? My cat Vivian is pretty okay with heat, because she’s used to it and her fur isn’t long anyway. But I know for a fact that some of them will be suffering a little. Addison was complaining the other day at the communal breakfast that it’s getting a bit too hot for her, and her companion Artemis is a long-haired Norwegian forest cat. Just imagine being trapped in a hot box wearing a fur coat…yeah. She did say that she lets Artemis out during the day and keeps the windows open, so it’s not like I’m about to file animal cruelty charges. If you can’t afford air con, you just do what you can, I guess. But it’s still the fact that is hasn’t made it everywhere here that baffles me.

Man, Brisbane based companies installing air conditioning could do some great work here. Maybe I could fly them down.