Everyone, To Canberra!

What I’m thinking is this: why don’t we take the Club…and move it to Canberra? Genius idea, right? I know that the logistics might be a little dicey, but I’m willing to cope with that if everyone else is. It’s just a building, and a few paw prints over the windows can be sacrificed if we move into a much nicer building that makes up for it. We’ll be in the heart of Australian politics, the capital where it all happens. Besides, I’ve heard that the evaporative cooling Canberra has to offer is much better than here… I mean, what’s not to love?

Okay, I’m a little bit fed up of Melbourne. Me and Jazzi moved here under the pretence that the weather would be a fun adventure, but it’s anything BUT fun. I have no idea what to wear when I’m leaving the house, and I’ve been rained on more than once without my umbrella, and then I stumble in soaking wet and Jazzi doesn’t want to hug me, which is both of our favourite things. Not as many places have air conditioning as you might think, as well. It might be a changeable location, but it’s still Australia. Back in Canberra, everyone had air con. It’s the air conditioning capital of the world, as well as being the Australia capital…of Australia.

But I’d miss the Club terribly. It’s the only cat-lover only residence that I know of, hence why I think it would be great if we all just sort of…moved to Canberra?  Right now? Got some nice heating and cooling services going?

You might think you’re leaving behind friends and family, but they don’t have cats, so you should be able to drop them like they’re hot with no issues. Quality air conditioning repair companies in Canberra and my cat brothers and sisters: this is all I ask. And the coffee is still pretty good. You’re not missing as much as you think.