One Step Closer

plate alloy boatsWe’re working hard to make this a true community, rather than a group of people who live together and get along. That’s great, but we want to Catamount Club to be more! Obviously, things are moving apace and I’m proud of what we’ve been to accomplish so far. We have our regular group breakfasts, which have been excellent at bringing certain folks out of their shells and into the community, along with their cats. The meetings are always aimed at bringing everyone together and making the club a truly wonderful place to live.

And there’s STILL so much to learn! I only yesterday found out that Brendan is an avid fisher. He showed us pictures of his own little boat, with his home-made snapper racks and all kinds of exciting things. I know it’s mad, but I started getting an idea for a fishing trip. Brendan often just goes on his trips with Damascus, his tortoiseshell who just loves the water, but he’s said that he’d love to get more people into it. I wonder…especially now that I know about Gloria being a boat expert. You wouldn’t have thought it, but her Dad used to give boat tours along the Yarra and she was always hanging around in her youth, so now she can tell you anything. In fact she dropped a few casual comments about a plate alloy boat at breakfast the other day, which is NOT something I’d expect from Gloria (who always looks like a pristine runway manager, along with her cat Cherie).

So many hidden talents and skills and interests. We could combine these into a real trip out for the whole club. I mean, I’m the one with all the organisational drive, Brendan knows the fishing scene, Gloria can tell us ALL about plate alloy boats and Jerry works for a travel agency who have fingers in all the pies when it comes to getting people places. We have real clout to make anything happen. This is coming up in the next meeting!