Can you tell I’m running out of venue ideas?

venue hireThere’s only so much you can do when running a service that exclusively caters to people getting home from parties. It’s a dangerous job in many ways, picking up people who’ve had a bit to drink and probably shouldn’t drive lest they either crash or lose their licenses. They can get a bit abusive, forgetting that I’m in the car and why they’re in the car, which is why I hide myself behind a grate. It’s a really nice though. Doesn’t at all make my car look like a paddy-wagon.

Anyway, Designated Driver has been running for a year now. I know my way to every birthday party venue hire place in Melbourne, trust me, and from the conversations I’ve had with my clients, I could even tell you which ones are good. I know where to go if you want to mix up your night with ice skating, I know where does the best cocktails and I know…SO many intimate details about people’s lives. Just…so many.

The reason I started doing this job in the first place was to help people who were obviously too intoxicated to help themselves. It’s become my life in the evenings, or most evenings anyway, and it’s been a rollercoaster. I can’t say I’m short of business- some nights I just can’t get to a place fast enough- but then, I don’t really want to branch out and command my own fleet. This is a small service I can do to help people in the community, not something that’s going to make me rich. This way I can keep the costs low, hear some interesting stories, stop people from crashing into trees and generally feel good about helping. Oh, and knowing all the good party venues has helped. I even offer a service where I can drive people back to the venue the day afterwards to pick up their car, during which time they’re usually a lot more coherent. So I at least met these people when they could give me a proper rating of whatever Melbourne function room they liked last night, or did not like. Sometimes they don’t remember at all, though.