Willow the Ocean Kitty

Most people at the Club don’t seem to believe me when I say that Willow likes to swim. Sure, a majority of cats hate the water and want nothing to do with it, but have NO stranger things happened in people’s lives? I bet there are dogs that hate swimming. Maybe there are rats that […]

Armchair Psychologists Irritate Me

I qualified as a psychologist, you know. This was years and years ago, back when the profession was quite different. I’d imagine all the psychologists today are taught very differently to how we were, but perhaps that’s just necessary to keep up with the times. So while I don’t know what psychologists nowadays get up […]

We Really Just Need More Cats

I think we all know what’s missing from this building, and that is…custom wallpaper with cats on it. Trust me when I say that we need more cat decorations. There have been vague whispers ever since the Club started about opening to the public, but we couldn’t open the way we are right now. We […]

Just Leave the Windows to Me

I’ve been into interior design since absolutely forever! Actually…there was an inciting incident. Mum used to be well into her house shows, everything from ‘Home Swap’ (that’s the one where a couple is randomly chosen, drugged and their home is moved via forklift to a new location overnight), ‘Escape to the Country’ (the one with […]

One Day, Cat Hairdressers Shall Be the Norm…

I had a wonderful dream last night, one in which all my dreams came true. In my dream! Imagine that. But I’ve always had this idea that pets should be treated the same as people, in…most ways. Most ways that matter. I love going and getting my hair done, for example, but every time I […]

Nets for the New Sports Room

I can’t wait for the next council meeting, and not only because Nettie has started making her family recipe blueberry and white chocolate scones. Actually, strike everything I was going to say…those scones are actually reason number one why I go to those meetings. But on the opposite side of eating calories and gaining weight, […]

These New-Fangled Medical Procedures

It’s nice that the Club has offered me a job. I had a day to spare in the week, and it’s always nice getting some extra income right where you live. I mean, I guess it’ll cause everyone to start asking me things over breakfast, and in the hallways, and when I’m getting in my […]

High-Tech Medicine for Everyone

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it…no longer. The Club FINALLY has some real medical facilities! Well, it’s definitely a good start, even if it’s not a full-time and it’s not quite hospital grade. There’s a lovely girl on the fourth floor who said she’s happy to pick up an extra couple of days, […]

Energy for the Club

I’ve been looking at the figures…mostly because no one else will. And look, it’s not like the Club is the WORST energy-user in the city of Melbourne, but we’re doing pretty badly in that regard anyway. The lights in the corridors are always on, and they’re very powerful. People use the elevator far more than […]